Welding machines


Repair and service equipment for arc and resistance welding,
automatic and semi-automatic welding devices, and procedures MAG, TIG, MIG
rotary welding machines.

The repair and rebuild program covers
all types of machinery and welding machines:

* Converter for arc welding
* Diesel electric generators for welding
* Adjusters for arc welding
* Transformers for arc-welding
* Devices for semi-automatic arc welding in an atmosphere of protective gas
* Devices for semi-automatic arc welding
* Devices for TIG welding


During rebuild and service of welding machines we perform:

* Production and coil exchange in the "B", "F" and "H" class

* Replacement of defective parts, such as:
bearings, thyristors, diodes, electronic
assemblies, the bearing housing, terminal
case, carriers brushes, brushes,
switches, etc.

* Collector processing, control and adjustment by the recommendations
of the producers.

All rebuilt and serviced appliances are tested in a test station with development of test protocols, which contains all the technical data of the rebuild devices, and test results.

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