Pumps and pump units


Repair and service of all types of pumps, pump units and pumping substations used for water supply, drainage in mining, sewage systems, etc.

Pump and pump units rebuild program includes:

* High pressure rotary dynamic pumps power to 400 kW and voltage to 1000 V
* Low compressive drowning (slurry) pumps for dirty and clean water, power up to 150 kW and voltage to 500 V
* Horizontal and vertical Rotary dynamic pumps
* Circulation centrifugal pumps for hot water

During Pump rebuild we perform:

* Preparation and replacement of stator coils
* Replacement or repair of damaged parts
* Spare parts fabrication by sample

All rebuilt pumps and pumping aggregates are tested at the test station along recording Q-H diagrams, electrical load and other relevant parameters, and developing an appropriate test protocol.

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