Electrical equipment

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Measuring cabinets for individual installation:

* Cabinets for house connections made of corrosion protected steel sheet painted with RAL 7032.
* Meet the Electricity Regulations-BiH.

Cable connection cabinet type SPO:

* Made of cast Silumin, colored with varnish RAL 7032, the degree of mechanical protection IP 55.
* Installed one fuse EC 25

Cable terminal box KPO:

* Housing cabinets made of cast Silumin Painted light gray varnish RAL 7032
* The degree of mechanical protection IP 55
* Made in three versions (depending on the mounted fuse base):
1. KPO 3 x 160 A;
2. KPO 3 x 250 A KPO 3 x 400 A;
3. KPO 6 x 160 A; KPO 6 x 250A; KPO 6 x 400 A;

Battery Junction:

* Silumin alloy boxes that are made in four basic dimensions: K1, K2, K3 and K4.
* Closing the box is performed by the lid or door.
* Boxes K1 and K3 have four side opening, and K2 and K4 six side opening.
* Box Dimensions K1 and K2 same as K3 and K4 are engineered to the size ratio 1:2, so that their combination can make the two systems.

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