Collector electric machines


Our work program includes all types of ac-dc collector machines and voltage levels. It also includes various special machines such as multi-phase commutation motors, inverter, voltage converters, etc.

Service program of collector machines includes:

* Degreasing, washing and drying all parts of machines
* Refresh the coil insulation
* Control of mechanical systems
* Dynamic balancing of rotating masses
* Processing collector sliding surface and
* Inter strip isolation
* Brush control devices 


 The program overhaul collector machine includes:

* Preparation and replacement of stator and rotor coils in the "F" or "H" class insulation.
* Creating rotor to collector coil connections with the latest procedure of automatic welding.
* Coil impregnation with high quality paint vacuum procedure.

If necessary, can produce and replace damaged parts of machines (shafts, bearing shields, fans, etc.)

We ensure the quality of our work with tests during the technological process of repair and final testing by IEC regulations, in idling as well as under load testing.

The work is done by arrangement with the customer, in our workshop or on site.
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