Our business success and sustainability are directly related to the welfare of our employees, our greatest asset. The character of our company and the possibility of creating a sustainable and fulfilling work environment are determined by personal integrity and honesty of our employees as we strive to operate in a responsible, honest and ethical manner.
For strengthening our manufacturing, service and marketing team, we need:
• Managers
• Electrical engineers
• Mechanical engineer
• Electro-mechanic
• Electrical Technicians
• Mechanical Technicians
• Locksmiths
• Welders
• Turners

Employees are expected to show creativity and initiative, teamwork, commitment, communication skills, willingness to learn and progress, mobility, organizational skills, knowledge of a foreign language.

We offer regular pay, the opportunity to affect your earnings, social benefits, pleasant working atmosphere, opportunity for advancement.

If you see your future in all of this and want to prove to your workplace then contact us and request by your biography.


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