High voltage electrical machines


We refurbish and service high-voltage synchronous and asynchronous electrical machines
voltage level up to 10 kV.

High voltage service program includes:

* Degreasing, washing and drying of all parts of machines
* Refreshing the coil insulation
* Dynamic balancing of rotating masses
* Repair, construction and replacement of damaged parts
* Idle testing and development of test protocol

The program overhaul of HV machines includes:

* Preparation and replacement of stator and rotor coils in the "F" class insulation.
* Repair and development of the rotor cage
* Pre-packing tin metal packets for the stator and rotor
* Dynamic balancing of rotating masses
* Mechanical systems control
* Determining bearing validity with the SPM method
* Replace damaged parts with original parts or fabrication of new (shafts, bearing shields, fans, secretory case, terminal boards, sliding rings, etc.)
* Impregnation of the coils with high quality paint vacuuming process.


We ensure the quality of our work with tests during the technological process of repair and final testing by IEC regulations.

Standard operating procedure involves:

* Partition control measures
* Control of the air gap
* Measurement of ohm resistance and coil impedance
* Measurement of insulation resistance
* Checking terminal markings and direction of rotation
* Measuring current, voltage and rotation speed during idle at nominal frequency
* High voltage test on stator coil
* Check the transmission ratio stator – rotor

The work is done by arrangement with the customer, in our workshop or on site. 

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