Freestanding distribution cabinets

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A free standing distribution cabinets are used in electrical power and Industrial plants for the supplying consumers with electricity as well as management technological processes. Made as a field with one or two doors, which are compiled depending on project requirements and client demand.

* Stable housing

Specially made with a fivefold profile groove against rain and dust on the front side. If used as a separate casing, then made from steel, so that the sides and cross-section create unit on which is mounted lid from the back and door from the front side.

* Anti-Corrosion protection is performed by electrostatic application method of powder (RAL 7032).

* Mounting bracket on the perforated side of the cabinet for deep setting mounting plates, other devices and elements.

Freestanding distribution cabinet during instalation

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* Prepared openings for: transportation eyebolts, hinges, reinforce on the stand or floor.
* Simply connect the individual cabinets without inner frame.
* Sealing closet flange to the ceiling
* Make easier the introduction of cable from above.

* The mounting plate adjustable in depth and reinforced.

Performed on the case, door and mounting plate.

Used as the final elements of the serial connection cabinet.

Stable door additionally reinforced with vertical perforated mounting rails. Seal on the entire perimeter. Water-resistant closure.

IP 43 / IP 54

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