Low voltage rotation electric machines


Work program includes synchronous and asynchronous high voltage machines, single phase, and three-phase machines with short connecting and ring rotor.

The program overhaul of low voltage rotating electrical machines (synchronous and asynchronous) includes:

* Fabrication and replacement of stator and rotor coils regardless of the type of winding, type of machinery and temperature class.

* Repair or rotor cage fabrication

* Pre-packing tin metal of the stator and rotor

* Control of mechanical systems

* Replacement of damaged parts with the original parts or fabrication of new parts (shafts, bearing shields, fans, secretory cases, docking plates, sliding rings, etc.) 


Quality-winding impregnation- high quality paint with vacuum procedure.

We ensure the quality of our work with tests during the technological process of repair and final testing by IEC regulations.

The work is done by arrangement with the customer, in our workshop or on site.

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