Liv-ELIR d.o.o.

Our company specializes in manufacturing and services in the field of electrical engineering and mechanical engineering. During the fifty years of experience we have developed in two directions: repair - service and manufacturing.

Our specialties are all kinds of electric motors (asynchronous, synchronous machines and collector of low voltage and medium voltage), pumps and pump units, transformer (oily and dry), various types of castings, machining, electrographite brushes, electrical equipment and other electrical installations.

With our product portfolio and services, we are ready to respond to all requirements from simple home to the most complex industrial plants.


  • Asynchronous, synchronous and collector machines of low and high voltage.
  • Production of coil insulation class B, F, H. 
  • Production of coil for voltage level 6kVi10kV.
  • Impregnation of coils in the vacuum pressure impregnator.
  • Establishing accurate shop operation with SPM method, 
  • vibration measurement, testing under load.
  • Pumps, pump units and pumping substations, which are used for water supply, drainage in mining and similar.
  • Oil immersed transformers and dry transformers. 
  • Filtering and insulation oil testing.
  • Coil development.
  • Welding devices. 
  • Generator sets and rectifiers.
  • Electrical distribution equipment and machines in the anti explosive "Ex" version. 
  • Dynamic balancing of rotating masses and spare parts development for electrical machines.


  • Low voltage metal strips and Silumin strip modules designed for industrial and residential construction. 
  • Plants for electricity distribution. 
  • Command distribution cabinets and counters with or without technological 
  • scheme for electric power supply, managing and monitoring Electric-motor plants.
  • Medium voltage plants for use in mining.
  • Silumin mold castings and sand castings. 
  • Light Silumin poles for street lightning and park lightning.
  • Single-phase transformers up to P=15kVA.
  • Three-phase transformers up to P=50kVA.
  • Inductors and solenoid coils. Electro graphite and metal graphite brushes.
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